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Regulatory and directional safety signs are designed to maintain sound working environments. On work sites, construction sites, mining sites, educational campuses and high traffic areas, regulatory safety signs assist with alerting workers, visitors and employees to minimise the risk of an accident or how to proceed in an emergency.

Most sites are run like a tight ship where safety signage is an Occupational Health and Safety requirement. From fully customised signage to off the shelf standard signs we can help you tick all the boxes to maintaining a safe and regulated environment.

Select From:
Ideal for short-term use, can be attached to fencing or other structures.
The preferred option for longevity and sturdiness.
Reflective vinyl
Ensures that signs can be seen at night without external illumination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Safety signs are the conservatives in our collection and generally come in specific sizes and designs. Our pricing is paired with quantity and our costs cover you from the cheaper Correx, designed for short-term use to Aluminium for stronger, enduring signage.
Safety signs are highly regulated and prescriptive. They are more paint-by-numbers than works of art. Instead of focusing on your sign’s aesthetics, concentrate on the location and best material for your safety sign solution. Our expert signage consultants are here to give you professional advice to ensure you get the right sign for your needs.
Depending on quantity, your safety signs should be completed in five to seven days after artwork signoff.
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