Wall Decals

Stickers and decals are an economical alternative to the traditional signwriting approach.

Our decals can be produced in any number, size and cut into just about any shape. They are digitally printed with special inks on a vinyl or clear polyester film that can be applied to virtually any surface.

Choose from gloss, matte, clear and frosted vinyl options, with permanent and non-permanent features also available. They can be waterproof and are durable. Generally, they last around 3 years if used outdoors (and if laminated). Computer cut vinyl is available in a large range of colours. This is best for adding a business name, simple one or two colour logo, phone number or web address onto a window. We use high quality vinyl, and design and cut in-house on our plotting machine.

Our experts can handle the installation and can replace the graphics when you need a refresh.

What is the difference between decals and stickers?

All decals are stickers, but not all stickers are decals!

Stickers usually refer to simply peeling off the backing packer and sticking the design on the surface. If you want something that is going to last outdoors, choose a sticker that is made from vinyl or polyester material.

Decals refer to decorative graphics that are prepared on special paper for transfer from the masking sheet onto another surface. The decal often comes in three pieces: a backing paper, the decal itself, and transfer paper on the front. Thanks to the transfer process, the application of designs with lettering and complex shapes is so much easier, because they can be applied to the wall with precise alignment.

Vinyl cut lettering and graphics are often referred to as “decals”, while all other one-piece, outdoor printed vinyl or clear polyester are “stickers”.

Decals usually come in large formats, intended for walls, floors and windows.

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