Pavement Signs

Illuminated Signs from Signarama UK

Signarama Salford – draw attention from passersby

Ideal for shops, special event venues, and estate agents, all-weather pavement or A-frame signs from Signarama Salford are a durable, yet cost-effective way to get your message across. If your business is located in a busy area or close to competitors, pavements signs are a fantastic way to help your business stand out.

Light and portable, allowing you to put them outside during the day and take them in at night for security, pavement signs offer a lot of options. They are available in fixed, swinging, flexible or custom-made versions incorporating your colours and your logo. Signarama Salford offers A-boards which include options for either digitally printed permanent graphics or changeable graphic inserts for flexibility and variety. Our pavement sign options also include dry erase boards, chalkboards, and so much more.

All of Signarama Salford’s signs are made using quality materials to ensure durability. The sign experts at Signarama Salford are ready to help you design a pavement sign that matches your company’s identity and branding. Whether you own a retail store specialising in children’s clothing, a restaurant or a flower shop, regardless of your industry, pavement signs can increase your visibility and draw the attention of passersby. They are commonly used to advertise special menu items, new offerings, sales, and other promotions. We can share ideas based on our experience working with other local businesses in the Salford area.